Cloudify infrastructure

We have thought and carefully selected all the elements related to the infrastructure, from the geographical location to redundancy and enterprise hardware.

Intel Scalable Family

All VPS packages we offer run on processors in the new Intel Xeon Scalable family.

DDR4 ECC memories

We use fast DDR4 memory with error correction (ECC) for guaranteed stability.


NVMs are Intel Enterprise, connected via PCI-E for very high transfer speeds.

Professional backup at 12 hours

Each VPS is enrolled in our running automated program full backup of the VPS once every 12 hours and keeps them for 4 days. The VPS can be restored from a previous backup from Cloudify user interface.

The backup is done at the storage medium level, through Snapshot. Virtually the entire VPS disk is duplicated and moved to backup cluster in real time without downtime. Backups are stored in a physically separate backup cluster from the rest of the servers, so that in the event of a server failure on which the VPS is running, it can be restored immediately from the backup and moved to another server.

Datacenter in Romania

Our data center is located in the western extremity of Romania, in Timisoara. The location is not accidental, this is the access to a fiber optic node that connects both with Central and Western Europe, but also with Eastern Europe.

We have direct fiber connections with the major internet operators in Romania: RDS, UPC, Euroweb, NetVision, Dominet, etc.

We have N + 1 redundancy, the datacenter having an electric generator, UPS systems, redundant power lines and the internet. Also, all servers have redundant sources.

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