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Cloud VPS

The benefits of a VPS in the Cloud

A VPS running in the Cloud has solid advantages over a classic VPS.

Guarantee of data security

The data is replicated in real time on several servers within the datacenter, offering the guarantee that there will be no losses.

High Availability

A VPS is not connected to a physical server, but can be relocated instantly in another area of the data center in the event of a hardware failure.

Snapshots & Backups

Snapshot is an instant copy of all data on virtual server disk. A snapshot can be restored to the VPS with a single click.

Prices always in advantage.

VPS Amazon AWS Google Cloud DigitalOcean Linode
2 vCPU 4GB RAM (shared) 6 EUR 27 EUR +350% 25 EUR +317% 16 EUR +167% 16 EUR +167%
4 vCPU 16GB RAM (dedicated) 10 EUR 90 EUR +800% 139 EUR +1290% 115 EUR +1050% 132 EUR (8 vCPU) +1220%
8 vCPU 32GB RAM (dedicated) 20 EUR 278 EUR +1290% 271 EUR +1255% 231 EUR +1055% 265 EUR (16 vCPU) +1225%