Block Storage

Additional storage for servers.

A server can benefit from additional NVMe or HDD partitions, stored in the cloud.

Storage is no longer the limit.

An additional partition can be attached even live when the server is running.

  • High available Storage
  • Elastic resize / snapshot
  • Perfect for any type of data

Cloud storage for any workload.

Additional cloud storage can be NVMe (General Purpose NVMe) or HDD (High Density HDD).

General Purpose NVMe

Storage on NVMe enterprise environments for applications that require intensive I/O such as: databases, search, logs, machine learning.

High Density HDD

Hard Disk Storage, suitable for high volume applications files or services for video on demand.

Starting from 0.05 EUR / GB / month

Storage can not be more convenient than that. With you always pay only for how much you need. You can create cloud storage partitions of any size.

A simple and flexible cloud

Pay as you grow services are charged per hour within 500 hours in a month, no need for a fixed subscription. For example a VPS that costs 0.1 EUR / hour will cost 0.48 EUR for 2 days of use, but if it is functional all month, will cost 50 EUR (500 * 0.1).

Upgrade, anytime

Servers can be resized instantly, including servers in the dedicated CPU category. The upgrade is also subject to hourly payment, without the need to pay a price difference. All calculations are performed at the end of the billing period.

30-Days money back

Customers who decide not to use the services in the first 30 days from the creation of the account, are entitled to a full refund of money without giving reasons.

Modern dashboard offers a modern, simple and intuitive dashboard, developed to put in value premium cloud hosting services.