We offer enterprise customers customized solutions for cloud transformation.

Sometimes a single VPS or even several at a time are not enough to satisfy the needs of applications with a high load or operating critical data.

We have long expertise in the development and design of cloud-ready applications, using technologies such as Kubernetes, service discovery, automatic scaling, load balancing, etc.

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Scale out, not up.

We are witnessing an exponential development of the online environment, statistics show that the number services that will migrate online, the amount of data stored, but also internet traffic will double in the coming years.

The classic scalability solution (scale up) through which the traffic is increased actually upgrading to a larger server is not effective and in most cases causes service interruptions and scheduling a maintenance window.

Cloud-ready applications have a completely different approach. They run distributed and for scalability increases the number of cluster servers (scale out). In the context of a Cloud, this process can be automated by self-scaling. This eliminates downtime, makes it possible to scale for short periods (such as be Black Friday) and reduce operating costs.