Fast and reliable VPS servers

Virtual servers with dedicated processor and Enterprise NVMe SSDs ensure the stability and uptime necessary for your business.

Configure a cloud server
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Choose between a Cloud VPS with dedicated CPU for the production environment, or a VPS with shared CPU for small projects.

Dedicated CPU
10 € / month
  • 4 vCPU dedicated
  • 16 GB RAM ECC
  • 100 GB NVMe HA
  • Transfer 10 TB
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Shared CPU
4 € / month
  • 1 vCPU
  • 2 GB RAM ECC
  • 20 GB NVMe HA
  • Transfer 10 TB
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Enterprise Infrastructure and High Availability Systems

The infrastructure consists exclusively of enterprise equipment, and the architecture is designed for High Availability. Storage is in a Ceph cluster with 3x replication on NVMe SSD Enterprise media. All other elements such as networking, power, cooling, also benefit from redundancy.

Connected and Resilient Datacenter

To maintain an uptime close to 100%, our data center is equipped with all the necessary technologies.

Connection with major internet providers

Redundant connections via optical fiber for national and international coverage. RCS&RDS, Vodafone, Orange (Telekom).

Multiple electricity connections

Electricity is provided by multiple separate routes. Separation is ensured up to the server level where the sources are redundant.

Biometric access

The biometric authentication system ensures that only authorized personnel will have access to the data center.

Redundant cooling

The N+1 redundancy air conditioning system allows servers to always run at optimal temperatures, thus enhancing the stability and performance of the systems.

Electricity backup

Although there are multiple electricity paths, we also have N+1 UPS systems along with an 800 kVA diesel generator.

Fire protection

Automatic systems based on inert gas instantly neutralize the source of the fire, without causing physical damage to the equipment.

VPS Servers in the Cloud

The cloud infrastructure is created with Linux Foundation technologies like OpenStack and Ceph.

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Cloud computing instances

The OpenStack cloud platform, using KVM virtualization, meets the performance and uptime requirements of production environments.

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Cloud storage with 3x replication

The Ceph storage cluster simultaneously replicates virtual machine data across three separate physical servers, making it more resilient than RAID.

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Private networks

Virtual instances can be added to a high-speed local private network (VXLAN) for fast and secure intercommunication.