New Dedicated servers in the Cloud

EDS Elastic Dedicated Servers

Servers with 100% dedicated resources running in the Cloud.

Native performance

The performance of a Dedicated Server cannot be matched by a VPS.

High Available

An EDS has cloud storage and can be migrated instantly in case of technical failures.


Unlike a classic dedicated server, an EDS can be resized in less than 1 minute.

Perfect for any workload

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Web Hosting
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Online Shop
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SaaS / PaaS
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Game server
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Video streaming

Starting from 40 EUR / month

Perfect for projects that need stability, safety and computing power without noisy neighbors, Elastic Dedicated Servers is the top solution in the category of dedicated servers.

The future of dedicated servers is in the cloud.

Elastic Dedicated Servers (EDS) runs entirely in the cloud and represents the dedicated portion of the datacenter allocated to your project.

How long does it take to create a server?

Elastic Dedicated Servers (EDS)
< 1 minute

Dedicated classic
Depending on the provider, it can range from a few tens of minutes, a few hours, or depending on hardware availability, a few days.

What happens in the event of a hardware failure?

Elastic Dedicated Servers (EDS)
The automatic recovery process will relocate the server to a functional section of the data center. The process has minimal impact of downtime (less than 1 minute).

Classic dedicated server
A technician will remove the server from the rack to analyze it. Depending on the support plan, it will manually move the disks to another backup server, then start it. The whole process can take from a few tens of minutes to a few hours, depending on the defect and the availability of the location.

How to upgrade?

Elastic Dedicated Servers (EDS)
With a single click. It lasts, as in all other cases, approx. <1 minute.

Classic dedicated server
An upgrade plan must be drawn up in which there are several options. The fastest option is for the datacenter team to prepare another server with the required resources in which either the disks will be moved or you will need to copy the data. There is also a less optimal option, such as shutting down the server and installing upgraded components.

Can a snapshot be taken?

Elastic Dedicated Servers (EDS)

Classic dedicated server:

EDS makes the difference

An Elastic Dedicated Server (EDS) differs from both a classic dedicated server and a Cloud VPS.

Cloudify EDS Dedicated classic VPS
Instant Upgrade
Dedicated hardware
High Available